Compact Steam Power Plant BSG 002

Study of power generation using compact steam power plant like steam boiler and performance of steam generator is focus of this trainer. Sci-tech has designed this system in such fashion that enables students to investigate all the parameters governing the utilization & maintenance of a typical power plant.


  • Compact and study construction
  • Easy and versatile operation
  • Designed for fail-safe operation
  • Incorporates standard industrial equipment

Item Description

The system uses a small sized boiler unit that runs on LDO/gas. The generated steam is then used to run the steam turbine with in turn runs the A.C. Generator to produce the electricity or loading can be done by using Alternator & Bulb bank. A loading arrangement is also given for load test. The unit Large size power plant @ 200Kg/hr is fitted with a colored mimic diagram that illustrates the constructional and operational features. The various aspects of boiler and turbine operation and maintenance can be studied. Instrumentation is provided to measure Temperatures and Pressures. Temperature pressure characteristics of boiler can also be plotted.

Scitech Didactic known as a compact steam power plant manufacturers and Exporters in UK, Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, USA, Canada.

Technical Specifications

System Component:

  • Boiler 200 Kg/Hr
  • Steam Turbine 1.5 KW @ 3000 RPM
  • Condenser Shell & Tube Type
  • Pressure gauges 0-10 Kg./cm2
  • Chimney
  • Orifice meter
  • Control valve: Electric Solenoid Type
  • Pump Centrifugal pump: 2HP capacity & Reciprocating pump
  • Flow meter
  • Water Softener
  • Steam Calorimeter – Separating and Throttling calorimeter
  • Temperature indicator: 12 channel input: K type therocouple
  • Fuel supply system: Volumetric type capacity 50 Litre
  • K Type Thermocouple temp. sensor
  • Digital Tachometer 0-9999rpm
  • Voltmeter 0-500 V
  • Ammeter 0-10 Amp
  • Loading arrangement – Electric Alternator
  • Lamp Bank
  • Control panel
  • Cooling Tower