CNC Drilling Machine Trainer CNC 001

Sci-tech CNC Drilling Machine Trainer Model CNC 001 is equipped with Industrial simultaneous 3 axis point to point CNC Controller.

Item Description

CNC-D3 is most suitable for education and training requirement. CNC Drilling Machine is not only bench model Trainer, but much more rigid that can machine small jobs for Industry on Mild Steel or harder Stainless Steel materials. Machine has capacity of drilling up to 6 mm on Mild Steel and up to 8 mm on Cast Iron material.


1. Compact table mounted with industrial grade ‘CNC-3D’ extremely powerful yet easy to operate CNC
2. Slide motion through precision Lead screw.
3. Step-less DC Spindle Drive.
4. Sophisticated and powerful yet user friendly software for online programming and graphic simulation on PC.
5. Hardened and ground spindle runs on precision antifriction bearing.
6. Comprehensive safety features in Hardware and software
7. Teach mode Facility with predrilled Template.
8. Automatic Reference Point Finding
9. Programmable Offset for ( 0 , 0 ) Position.
10. Table Locking facility with Stepper Motor brakes.
11. Powerful Graphics.
12. Easy maintenance with spare card system by layman.
13. Rigid structure for minimum vibrations.
14. Program simulation with its Graphical Display on the Monitor for the Total Machining sequences

15. Absolute as well as Incremental Programming
16. Inch as well as Metric values can be entered.
17. Cartesian as well as POLAR co-ordinate programming.
18. Auto, Jog modes of execution.
19. Canned cycle for drilling.
20. Nested repeat loops. & Nested subroutines.
21. Program label and rewind.
22. Programmable dwell.
23. Programmable feed rates in mm/min. or300 mm/min.
24. Optional stop provided.
25. Axis limit switches using interlocks for safety
26. Key lock for preventing unauthorized access.
27. Powerful EDIT mode including block insert and block delete.
28. Intelligent INPUT mode automatically inserts anticipated entries.
29. 1.2GB Battery Backup memory.
30. Several programs may reside in memory simultaneously.
31. I/O card interface built-in.
32. Spindle on/off control using M codes.
33. Self diagnostics at power up.
34. Clear, large uncluttered display shows relevant information.
35. System backlash up to 2 mm is automatically compensated through software.

36. Very powerful and comprehensive facility to check and detect programming errors of all types and with PRO
37. ERROR code explanation chart, guiding programmer to achieve program codes.
38. “Simulation Software” for off-line programming facility and for “2D Tool-Path-Display” and “3D-Job-Display”
on IBM PC.
39. Jogging is incremental as well as continuous mode and can be done in all 3 axis simultaneously.
40. Software limits provided.
41. Dry RUN facility available.
42. Direct spindle rpm programming possible.
43. Bipolar chopper drive with overload, over-current, over-temperature protections.
44. Total Isolation between power drives & control signal.
45. Drive reset facility provided through software as well as through electronic circuitry
46. Switch mode power supply for electronic circuitry.
47. MIL standard connectors for connection from control panel to machine.

Technical Specifications


1.1 Length X Width 500 X 250 mm. (approx)

1.2 Clamping Area 450 X 200 mm. (approx)

1.3 T Slots 10 mm slot width,


2.1 Longitudinal traverse 250 mm

2.2 Cross traverse 250 mm

2.3 Vertical traverse 150 mm


3.1 Spindle Speed 200 TO 1500 rpm

3.2 Spindle Power 1 HP DC Motor


4.1 Axes Control 3 axis (X,Y & Z simultaneously)

4.2 Least Count 0.015 mm

4.3 Accuracies (Accuracies of slide upto 250

mm movement, for all axes.)

  1. a) Resolution 0.015 mm
  2. b) Repeatability 0.050 mm
  3. c) Positioning 0.050 mm for any measuring length

4.4 Rapid Traverse Rate 300 mm/min

4.5 Feed Rate 1 – 300 mm/min (X,Y axis)

4.6 Interpolation LINEAR Interpolation

4.7 Command Type Absolute and Incremental

4.8 Data Entry Keyboard

4.9 Backlash Compensation Up to 2 mm on each axis

4.10 Axis Drive DC stepper motor for all the axes

4.11 Program Memory 800 MB

4.12 Programming

G Codes (Preparatory function)

M Codes (Miscellaneous function)

S Codes (Spindle Speed in RPM)

X Code ( For X axis movement)

Y Code ( For Y axis movement)

Z Code (For X axis movement)

4.13 Canned Cycle Drilling , Peck drilling,

4.14 Co-ordinates of ISO code Programming, Point to point


4.15 Electrical Power 220/230/240V, 50 Hz, 1Ph.(Optional