Centrifugal Air Compressor Test Apparatus Model TH 107

Sci-tech Centrifugal Air Compressor Test Apparatus Model TH 107 consists of a centrifugal blower driven by a variable speed electric motor.

Item Description

A motor controller is used to regulate the blower speed. Ducts are fitted to inlet & outlet of the blower. A damper in inlet duct is provided to regulate the intake air flow of the blower. A Pitot tube with differential manometer is used to measure the air flow rate. Two manometers are provided to measure intake & discharge pressure of air. Two temperature sensors are used to measure the air temperature at inlet & outlet. Blower speed & power consumption are displayed using digital panel indicators.

Technical Specifications

• Compressor: Centrifugal compressor, with forward curved impeller

• Motor: Variable Speed Motor, Power 0.5 hp, 2800 RPM with speed controller

• Pitot Tube & Manometer: Pitot tube with U Tube water manometer for Air flow measurement

• Piezometer: Range 0-150mm of Water Column, for delivery pressure

• Inclined Tube Manometer: Range 0-100 mm of Water Column, for intake pressure

• RMP Indicator with Inductive Speed Sensor: Range – 0 to 9999

• Temperature Sensor & Indicator: RTD PT-100 Sensors (2 Nos.) With Indicator.

• Voltmeter: Digital Voltmeter, 0 – 500 V • Ammeter: Digital Ammeter, 0 – 2 A

• Stand: M.S. Structure with powder coating • Electrical Switches & Indicators