Central Air-Conditioning Training System Model RAC 098


Sci-tech Central Air Conditioning Training System Model RAC 098 consists of compressor, water cooled (or air cooled) condenser, thermal expansion device, water circulation pump, evaporator, indoor, coil, indoor fan, air filter, condensate drain. A cooling tower should be provided to cool and circulate the water.

Item Description

Also included are sight glasses, thermostat, hand valves, high/low pressure controls, 2 low pressure gauges, 2 high pressure gauges, pressure taps. The instrument panel includes electrical box with circuit breaker protection, starter control, voltmeter and ammeter and controls.

Technical Specifications

1. Air Handling System:
i) Mixing box with manual damper capacity: 3-5 ton, electric motor damper for fresh air
ii) Filter unit: basic filter 60%
iii) Shunt pump unit for above water system
iv) Centrifugal fan: 2 speed motor
v) Flow diagram with control functions: psychometric process diagram complete with all
necessary frame adapter, connections to all duct opening : bolts, brackets and all
mounting accessories
2. Electronic Control System:
i) Air handling unit and sensor,
ii) Flow diagrams points,
iii) Temperature sensors
iv) Damper motor,
v) 3-ways solenoid valve
vi) Filter pressure switch
vii) Moisture sensor
viii) Fan pressure switch
ix) 3-way motor valve
x) Pressure sensor (before and after cooling coil/heating coil, filter and fan)
xi) Smoke sensor.
3. Water Chiller Unit:
i) Shell and tube type with all its accessories
ii) Fan with 2 speed motor, filling: fire resistant

iii) Drift eliminator, rubber spray, nozzle, vibration dampers, catch basin with over flow and float valve
iv) Capacity to match AHU, 3-5 ton
v) Water circulating pump with all its accessories
vi) Safety and balancing valve with all accessories
vii) Expansion tank
viii) All necessary connecting pipes.