Cam Analysis Apparatus Model MT 013

Sci-tech Cam Analysis Apparatus Model MT 013 allows the dynamic investigation of cam mechanisms, as
used in motors for actuation of the valves. The cam mechanism consists of 4 interchangeable cam plates and
2 different tracers. A mass and a spring are used to simulate the valve. In order to demonstrate the so-called
“valve wobble”, the spring rate, mass and speed are adjustable within broad limits. A plotter allows the actual lift curves to be recorded. The open design allows the observation of every detail of the movement process. A
stroboscope (not supplied) can be used to provide a particularly impressive view of the movement process and

Item Description

– 4 different cams, 2 different tracers1
* Influence of spring rigidity and moving mass1
* Plotting of lift curves1
* Excellent observation of movement process
– Optional Computer interface & Data Acquisition Software

Technical Specifications

[1] experimental unit for investigation of cam mechanisms
[2] 4 cams: tangent, hollow cam, 2 circular cams with different head radius
[3] tappet with 2 different tracers: flat or roller tappet
[4] 3 interchangeable restoring springs
[5] electric motor with variable speed

[6] moving mass with can be lifted with 5 additional weights; attached to tappet
[7] mechanical drum plotter with plotting spring and coated paper
Technical Specifications
Three-phase asynchronous motor with
frequency converter
– power: 250W
– speed: 60…670min-1
– 15mm lift
– opening angle: 140°
Spring rigidity
– hard: 5.026N/m
– medium: 2.601N/m
– soft: 613N/m
– additional weight: 200g
– tappet: 530g
– flat tappet: 93g
– roller: 20g
Plotter: synchronous belt drive
Optical speed sensor