Bulk Storage Tank with External Floating Roof Model THC 014

– Mild steel dis-assembling type model allowing study of internal/external construction
– Long lasting since made in steel and powder coated
– Durable and easily cleanable model

Item Description

Storage Tank: A highly detailed model of external floating storage tank. This model reflects common design and is a complete replication. The entire assembly is a cutaway model which enables us to see inner details of it. It is made of mild steel and powder coated in Siemens grey color.

Technical Specifications

Storage tanks had been widely used in many industrial established particularly in the processing plant such as oil refinery and petrochemical industry. They are used to store a multitude of different products. They come in a range of sizes from small to truly gigantic, product stored range from raw material to finished products, from gases to liquids, solid and mixture thereof. There are a wide variety of storage tank, they can be constructed above ground, in ground and below ground. In shape, they can be in vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, spherical or rectangular form, but vertical cylindrical are the most usual used. In a vertical cylindrical storage tank, it is further broken down into various types, including the open top tank, fixed roof tank, external floating roof and internal floating roof tank. The type of storage tank used for specified product is principally determined by safety