Bio-Medical Instrumentation Trainer SCI-BOM

Aesthetically designed injection moulded electronic desk. Master unit carrying useful experiment resources like Power supplies, DPMs, Computer Interface, Function Generator etc. while the central slot will carry replaceable experiment panel secured in an ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure.

Item Description

Has colorful screw less overlay showing circuit &its connection tag numbers for easy connectivity. Hands on learning emphasized. Set of Users Guide provided with each Unit Battery operated body signal measurements for safety Please replace 9V battery cells every semester. PC based graphical drawing facility &display to capture body signals.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply: 

DC Supply – 

+5V / 1A, 12V / 500mA
3 to 18V DC (Variable)/ 1A (Isolated ) -2 nos. With short ckt & overload protection.
Both kept isolated to facilitate either 3 to 36V or ±18Vpower supplies etc.

AC Supply – 

12-0-12V AC, 150mA. Short circuit protected

Computer Interface

Digital I/O – Using switch selectable parallel port or optional USB port (Using converter supplied) 8 I/p, 8 O/P, 8Bidirectional I/O Lines (TTL), opto isolated Adaptor to prevent
damage to pc

Analog I/P – 2nos. of ±9V ADC channels

Analog O/P – 2nos. of 0-2.5V ADC channels

Max BW-1KHz
O/P 0-10V max(optionally 0-2.5V), max. load 10 mA

USB I/O Module (optional) – USB converter using PIC microcontroller enclosed in 25 Pin D shell with Type A to mini B cable

Frequency Counter (optional) – 4 digit frequency display, Max I/p 10Vpp, 300mV sensitivity, Range : 2MHz. Max.

MIC Pre- Amplifier – Pre-amplifier function block with DC gain = 1, AC gain = 50 .

L/S Amplifier & speaker (optional) – Amplifier gain 20, with volume control driving 8ohm, 0.5W L/S , Mounted on hind Plate

Function Generator:

Waveform Frequency – Sine, Triangle & Square wave output for TTL/CMOS with variable pot 1 Hz to 1MHz in 6 ranges, with amplitude & frequency control pots.

Voltage & Current – 15V p-p max. (Sin / TRG) open ckt. (7.5Vpp into 50 ohm termination)

Miscellaneous Function Blocks – Logic input switches & status Indicators, Pulser Switches (2 Nos.), Logic Probe, 7 segment display, Onboard POTS, 3-Phase voltage Generator, Onboard DPM (1no.)

Accessories– 1) Parallel Port 25pin Cable
2) Dynamic Mic or electret Mic with built in bias (cell) (optional)

Operating Voltage – 220/240Vac Switch settable 10%, 50Hz/80 VA

Mechanical Dimensions – 

(A) Master Unit : 460mm(W), 160mm(H), 350mm(D), Net weight : 7.5 Kg. Gross Wt. : 9.51 Kg.
(B) Panel : 215mm(W),165mm(H), 40mm(D), Net Weight = 700 gm. approx.
(C) Patch Cords:4mm male to male patchcord 16 Nos [2 – 120 mm length, 14 – 500 mm length]