Bending Moment Apparatus Model MT 069

A length of material supported horizontally and carrying vertical loads is called a beam. The loading causes bending and transverse shearing. The loads and reactions are the ‘external’ forces acting on the beam. They must be in equilibrium. However, the strength of the beam depends on ‘internal’ forces or moments. This experiment demonstrates the nature of these internal forces and their dependence on the external system of forces.

Item Description

– Low cost, effective teaching
– Self-contained
– Bench mounted
– Experimental determination of bending moment at a beam section
– Loads and supports can be placed in any position
– Visual verification of the nature of bending moment
– Allows investigation of stability and influence lines
– Reinforces concept of equilibrium of vertical forces and moments

Technical Specifications

1. Overall length: 1000mm
2. Test Span variable
3. Cross section of beam: 50mmx25mm
4. Height of support: 300mm
5. Cut section: 350mm from support
6. Electronic Force Gauge
7. Horizontal force: 150mm from centre pin
8. Force Gauge capacity: 200N
9. Digital Force Gauge indicator: 0.1N resolution
10. Able to load beam at any location.
11. 3 nos, load hangers
12. 10 nos, 10N weights
Optional: Usable on ‘Sci-tech mounting Frame Model MT 027