Beam Test Apparatus Model MT 083

Sci-tech Beam Apparatus Model MT 083 allows an extensive range of experiments to cover virtually all course requirements relating to bending of beams. The basic unit provides facilities for supporting beams on simple, built-in and sinking supports, applying point loads, and measuring support reactions and beam deflections. It includes five different test beams. A pack of ten additional specimen beams is available for further experiments.

Item Description

– Ideal for student use and classroom demonstrations
– Self-contained – needs no other parts
– Made for maximum flexibility and ease of use for extensive range of experiments
– Simply supported and cantilever beam tests with up to four supports with any loading
– Three load cells with digital indicators measure reaction forces or act as rigid sinking supports
– Precision digital indicators for accurate deflection measurements
– Weights and hangers supplied to apply point loads
– Supplied with different test beams

• Test Beams: 30 nos.

Essential Services
Bench space needed:
1500 mm x 550 mm

Technical Specifications

• Determination of the reaction forces in the supports of a simple supported beam under various loadings; also measurement of loads and moments on a lever; validation of the principal of equilibrium.
• The apparatus consists of a beam of approx 1m long, linear spring balances, three load hangers, and a bench top mounting unit.
• Technical manual for student and lecturer provided.
• 1m ruler supplied
• Set of weights