Automotive Starting System Trainer Model AM 043

Sci-tech Starting System Trainer unit Model AM 043 consists of following features as given below:
– Trainer assumes as part of electrical system program to present the live operation and study of Engine Starting System.
– The program provides optional instructional materials and diagnostic equipment to use by students and instructors.

Item Description

– Construction on laminated plywood.
– The front panel is Texan with 2nd surface graphics.
– The supporting legs are made from square steel tubing.

Technical Specifications

Usable as new-model vehicle components and connectors. Includes:
– Starter motor
– Starter solenoid
– Neutral Safety Switch
– Starter Relay
– Ignition Switch
– Fuse Block
– Wiring Harness- Power Supply Post

– Trainer operation – Features actual starter motor operation. The trainer is capable of connecting to and from 12V automotive battery.
– System diagnostics – Provides an advanced level of instruction by duplicating actual on-vehicle trouble shooting procedures.
– The trainer uses actual wire colors to be compatible with wiring diagrams. The trainer is capable of actual service manual test procedures.
– Operation Manual – Provides instructor with Trainer Orientation, Start-up Procedures, Equipment Operation, Maintenance and Service Information.