Automotive Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Model AM 133M

The air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine is identical in design to the four cylinder engine.

Sci-tech AM 133M is fitted with a special device to adjust the ignition timing – from advanced to retarded. The engine includes a sensor to measure the exhaust gas temperature. The sensor, ignition cut-off and fuel supply are connected to the AM501 test stand.

Item Description

[1] air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine for installation in the AM 501 test stand
[2] adjustable ignition point
[3] adjustable ignition point
[4] engine mounted on vibration-insulated base plate
[5] force transmission to brake via pulley
[6] engine complete with fuel hose and exhaust gas temperature sensor
[7] fuel hose with self-sealing quick-release coupling

Technical Specifications

Air-cooled single-cylinder petrol engine
– power output: 1,2kW at 3200min-1
– bore: 65,1mm
– stroke: 44,4mm

10° after TDC to 40° before TDC
Belt pulley: diameter=125mm

Scope of Delivery
1 engine, complete with all connections and supply lines
1 pin type face wrench
1 manual