Automotive Structure Educational System for Petrol Engine Car with Fault Simulator Model AM 161A

Sci-tech Automotive Structure Educational System of Automatic Petrol Car with Electrical Fault Simulator Model AM 161A demonstrates the inter-relationship between components of an actual car.
The training model is built with the original automotive parts, fitted on a frame specially built by us. It is equipped with petrol engine- 4 cylinders in line with water cooling.

Item Description

The following sectioned parts function similar to the original vehicle.
● Engine system
● Transmission
● Rear axle and rear wheels of the car

It is also equipped with an electrical motor (with reduction unit) to rotate the engine and transmission for easy observation of the mechanical parts in movements. All parts of the training unit are well-furnished with an attention to details to present a beautiful appearance.
Besides, major portions are painted with different colors and shades for easy identification. The steel parts of the unit are painted with paint for longer life, which is resistant to petrol, diesel fuel and brake fluid.
The unit is mounted on a sturdy steel floor stand with wheels for mobility.
Optionally 24” 0r 32” video screen is mounted and using CarDrive software & related sensors, the screen can show all parameters in the car.

Technical Specifications



Fault Simulator Available
1. Fuel Level Sensor
2. Engine Temperature
3. Ignition System
4. Fuel Injection System
5. Front Lighting System
6. Horn
7. Alarm Faulty
8. Viper
9. Alternator System
10. Charging System
11. Brake Switch Faulty
12. Windscreen Viper Pump System
13. Speedo Meter Fault
14. Power Window
15. Back Defrost
16. Door Limit Switch Fault
17. Engine Starter System
18. CarDrive software & related interface

Dimension in mm : 2250(L) x 1300(W) x1500(H)
Weight : @ 320kg
Main supply : 220V; 1Ph; 50Hz; AC