Automotive Introductory Electronic Circuit Trainer with Plug-in Modules Model AM 045I

Sci-tech Automotive Electronic Circuit trainer Model AM 045I is designed to teach students principles and introductory to Automotive Electronic Circuits through comprehensive practical activities using on-board component’s matrix with modular electronic components.

Item Description

The activities include simple DC circuits and measurements, lamp in series circuits, lamp in parallel
circuits, lamp in series-parallel circuits, switches, battery and fuse, resistance circuit, diodes and transistor familiarization.
The unit contains a circuit board with connection matrix, power supply, electrical test leads, and student experiment manual presented in hard copy and pdf format. PCB’s should be made from fiberglass, coated with epoxy to prevent corrosion and suitable for harsh environments. Labeled components with powder coated base.
The experiment exercises start with relevant theory of electronic and basic semiconductor components and proceed to practical activities using the modular electronic component and connecting leads to create various electronic circuits. Manual provided, clearly shows the educational Objectives are met.

Technical Specifications

– DC Circuits and Measurements,
– Lamp in series circuits,
– Lamp in parallel circuits,
– Lamp in series-parallel circuits,
– Switches,
– Battery and fuse,
– Resistance circuit, diodes and transistor familiarization.