Automotive Chassis 4 Wheel Drive Turbo Petrol Engine with Electronic Injection Model AM 142

Chassis 4 Wheel Drive Turbo Petrol Engine Electronic Injection with working light system and full operating brakes

Item Description


SPARK PLUGS with Light


Working Lighting System

head lights – indicators lights

side lights – stop

lights – reverse light

horn – emergency blinker

Fully Operating Brakes

twin hydraulic circuit

front right-hand disc brake sectioned

Electric Motor Operation

Dimensions: 225 x 130 x cms

Weight: @ 350 Kgs

Main Supply: 220V; 1Ph; 50Hz; AC.

Electrical System Complying with CE Standards

Technical Specifications

Tilting Chassis Four Wheel Drive
Petrol Engine
4 Strokes simulated
4 Cylinders in Line
Twin Overhead Camshaft
Toothed Belt rear fog
Electronic Injection SPI
Air Filter
Electronic Ignition
Gear Oil Pump

Oil Filter
Water Cooling rear right-hand disc brake sectioned
Radiator front left-hand disc brake operating
Dry Clutch Single Plate rear left-hand disc brake operating
Gearbox 5 Forward + Reverse
Power Steering Rack and Pinion
Steering Wheel
Complete Pedal Board On Stand with Wheels
Shaft with Flexible Coupling
and Cardan Joint
Front Differential
Torque Distributor
Ferguson Coupling
Rear Differential – Thorsen
MC Pherson Suspensions
Hydraulic Shock-Absorbers
4 Disc Brakes
Rear Braking Force Regulator
Hand Brake Lever
Exhaust Pipe
Sectioned Battery
Wheel with sectioned type