Automatic Grinding Machine SCTC-1040, SCTC-1042, SCTC-1044, SCTC-1047, SCTC-1048 & SCTC-1049

SCTC-1040: Automatic Grinding Machine

SCTC-1042: Grinding Wheel for SCTC-1035 and SCTC-1040

SCTC-1044: Water Restraint Panel Set for Cylinder Specimens for SCTC-1040  and SCTC-1035

SCTC-1047: Cradle and Water Restraint Panel for three units of 100mm cube specimens for SCTC-1040  and SCTC-1035

SCTC-1048: Water Restraint Panel for Ø160mm Cylinder Specimen for SCTC-1040  and SCTC-1035

SCTC-1049: Cradle and Water Restraint Panel for one unit of 150mm Cube Specimens for SCTC-1040  and SCTC-1035

Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1ph. : SCTC-1040

Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1ph. : SCTC-1040-N

Item Description


EN 12390-1, 12390-3, 12504-1; ASTM C 31, C39, C42, C192, C617

The SCTC-1040 Automatic Grinding Machine provides fast grinding of cylinder specimen ends to obtain plane and parallel surfaces according to EN and ASTM standards.

Three units of Ø38 to 100 mm or two units of Ø150-160 mm concrete cylinders ends and three units of 100 mm or one unit of 150 mm concrete cubes faces can be ground simultaneously with the suitable cradle and water restraint panel. The lenght of the any specimen must be longer than 70 mm.

According to ASTM and EN standards, the planeness accuracy of grinded surfaces of concrete compression test specimens should be 0.05 mm. and also the deviation of perpendicularity of the side with reference to the end faces should be 0,5O.

The equipment has selectable advance grinding time functionality by user from 50 to 400 seconds. Optimum grinding time per end of all type specimens is 90 to 120 seconds.

The cradle which specimens are fixed on has automatic bidirectional radial displacement ability. The safe and ergonomic design prevents the user to exposure to water and dust and provides easy access to the water inlet and outlet. Specimen cradles and water restraint panels can easily be installed without the need for any assembly.

Mobility of the machine is achieved with the help of the integral wheels, and all components of the system can be safely accessed for easy maintenance.

The frame is manufactured from aluminum to obtain a lighter weight and the stainless steel exterior shell assures resistance to corrosion.

SCTC-1044 Water Restraint Panel Set for Cylinder consist of Ø150 mm, Ø100 mm and Ø50 mm panels. For different sized cylindrical specimens, the water restraint panel should be ordered separately.

The cradle and the water restraint panels should be ordered separately for 100mm and 150mm cubic specimens.

The Automatic Grinding Machine is supplied complete with;

  • Grinding Wheel for concrete specimens
  • Cradle for Ø:38mm to100 mm cylindrical specimens
  • Water restraint panel set (Consist of four panels Ø150, 100 and 50 mm)

Technical Specifications


730x1080x1510 mm

Weight (approx.)

260 kg


1850 W


The preparation of concrete  cylinder test specimen for compressive strength test EN 12390-1, 12390-3 ASTM C31, C39, C192, C-617 The maximum tolerance on the flatness of the potential load bearing surfaces (the ends of compression test specimens) is 0.002 in. [0.050 mm]
The preparation of drilled concrete cores specimen for compressive strength test EN 12504-1, 12390-1, 12390-3 ASTM C42, C39 The deviation of perpendicularity of the side, with reference to the end faces is 0,5°