Air Contents SCTC-0650, SCTC-0652, SCTC-0408, SCTC-0412B.E, SCTC-0656, SCTC-0657 & SCTS-0714

SCTC-0650 : Air Entrainment Meter

SCTC-0652 : Manometer for SCTC-0650

SCTC-0408 : Tamping Rod Ø16×600 mm

SCTC-0412 B.E : Compacting Bar (Square Section, 25×25mm), Steel, 380mm

SCTC-0656 : Calibration Vessel for Concrete Air Entrainment Meter(%5), Brass.

SCTC-0657 : Calibration Vessel for Concrete Air Entrainment Meter(%5), Aluminium

SCTS-0714 : Straight Edge 300x30x3 mm

Item Description


EN 12350–7; ASTM C231; AASHTO T152; BS 1881:108

The SCTC-0650 Air Entrainment Meter is used to determine the air content of fresh concrete. It consists of a flanged 7 liter capacity cylindrical vessel and cover assembly incorporating a large (90 mm dia.) pressure gauge, air pump and valves. It has a quick action clamping system.

Direct pressure gauge reading to the nearest 0.1% up to 6%, 0.2% from 6 to 8 and % 0.5  from 8 to 15. It is not affected by changes in barometric pressure.

It is appropriate for aggregates size of maximum 63 mm.

Calibration vessel and compacting bar should be ordered separately.

The Air Entrainment Meter is supplied complete with;

  • Straight Edge
  • Tamping Rod, Ø16×600 mm
  • An inner and an outer (J-Type ) calibration pipes
  • Special Carrying Case

Technical Specifications


7 litres


0.1% up to 6;

0.2% from 6 to %10;

0.5% from 8 to 15%


300x310x620 mm

Weight (approx.)

16 kg