Air Conditioning Trainer RAC 002

– Portable
– Mobile & Compact
– Energy & Power efficient
– Sturdy design
– Variable speed in-line fan.
– Heater facility

Item Description

System capacity: 0.5 – 1TR
Hermetic Compressor: 0.5 – 1 kW
Refrigerant: R134
Fan coil air flow rate: 250 M3/hr approx.

Technical Specifications

A. Main Structure: Base stand.
B. Air conditioner consist of
i. Hermetically sealed Compressor
ii. Air cooled Condenser: Fin & Tube type, Forced Drought
iii. Expansion device (capillary & thermostatic expansion valve)
iv. Evaporator
v. Pre-heater

C. Control room (Chamber) of size 39“X 32” X 32” having two separates ducts for suction of Fresh air and discharge of conditioned air.
D. Instruments in control chamber:
a) Electrical Air heater
b) Steam Generator
c) Wet and dry bulb thermometer.
d) Anemometer
E. Control Panel consisting of following Instruments/Items:
(a) Temperature indicator with 8 channels
(b) Pt 100 sensor (pencil type & bulb type.)
(c) Digital Ammeter
(d) Digital Voltmeter
(e) Energy meter
(f) Drier & filter
(g) Refrigerant- R22 (.(hydro–chloro-fluoro-carbons )
(h) Mains switch
(i) Compressor ON/OFF D.P. switch
(j) Heater dimmer
(k) Steamer ON/OFF toggle switch
(l) H.P LP cut out
(m) Pressure gauge
(n) Compound gauge.
(o) Rotameter
(p) Manometer