Advanced PLC Trainer Using Siemens Simatic S7 PLC Model PCT 043

Siemens S7-221 PLC Training Equipment w/ Siemens PLC Programming Training Lessons The only PLC equipment we offer is PLC training equipment. Our PLC Trainers are standard educational equipment for manufacturing training and the individual. We include Siemens PLC programming training and examples so the PLC Trainer can be used for self paced PLC programming training too. One of the very common PLC Training Equipment to Schools, Universities, Corporations and Governments.

Item Description

Features of CPU 221:

– Independent hardware counters: 4

– Independent alarm input: 4

– Pulse outputs: 2

– Time interrupts: 1 to 250ms

– Binary processing speed: 0.22us

Technical Specifications

Trainer Includes.

o 1 Siemens PLC – S7-221 o 1 Training Module

o 4 discrete inputs pre-wired

o 4 discrete outputs pre-wired

o Power switch

o Siemens PLC Programming Cable USB Adapter

o Siemens PC/PPI communication cable (Replaces 6ES7 901-3DB30-0XA0 )

o Power Supply o 4 Siemens PLC Ladder Logic Examples

o 7 PLC Programming Training Lesson

o Optional Step 7 MicroWIN 4 Siemens programming software