Advanced PLC Trainer Using Micrologix PLC Model PCT 042

Sci-tech Advanced Micrologix PLC Trainer Model PCT 042 is designed to familiarize students with PLC Controller & its programming techniques. The Trainer has Input & Output devices (Switches & Indicators) that can be wired to PLC to test the program. The PLC Input / Output terminals are connected to sockets that can be connected by cables to Switches & Indicators for testing of the program. The PLC trainer can be used control Pneumatic, Hydraulic or other application devices & systems. The PLC can be connected to other input & output devices (Sensors, transducers & relays etc.).

Item Description

– PLC: Micrologix 1200: 1762-L24 BWA
– 14 Digital input / 10 Digital outputs.,
– 2 Analogue input/2 Analogue output 1762-1f20f2.,
– 24VDC, 1.5A Power source.4” X 2” X 2”.
– I/P- O/P LED indication on front panel.
– PCB having modular circuit blocks for different applications
– Compact design
– Pilot projects
– On-boards DC voltage generation
– 4X16 line character LCD display for observing input output line status
– User friendly windows based software for ladder programming and HMI configuration
– RS 485 based communication with MODBUS protocol
– PC interface facility.

Technical Specifications

PLC: – Micrologix 1200: 1762-L24 BWA
– Supply Voltage: 85 – 270V AC, 50Hz
– Minimum Scan time: 200usec
– Available memory: 16K data memory; 351K code memory; 96K upload memory
– Memory retention: 10 years
– Input voltage: 11 – 28V DC (mac 30V DC)
– Relay output: 24V DC
– Transistor output: 24V DC
– Response time: 1 to 255ms
– Isolation: 2KV
– Operation indicator: LED
– Working temperature: 0°C to 50°C
– Relative Humidity: @ 95% (non-condensing)
– Motor interface: Stepper motor interface using unipolar 24 VDC
– 7 segment display interface: Common cathode 7 segment LED display
– On board application: 14 on board applications to study working of PLC
– User interface: 16 SPDT slider switches; 13 DPDT slider switches; 29 Tact switches; 174 LEDs available on board
– PLC configuration: Through RS485 serial communication
– Serial cable for programming

Required Services
– Electric Supply 230 V AC,6 A, Single Phase, Earthed