Adsorptive Air Drying Apparatus Model TH 129

– Adsorptive drying of humid air
– Continuous process with regeneration of adsorbent
– Transparent columns and adsorbent with indicator to observe the mass transfer zone
– Optional software with control functions and data acquisition

Item Description

Sci-tech Adsorptive Air Drying Apparatus Model TH 129 has been specifically designed to enable the complex theoretical principles of adsorption processes to be explained clearly and comprehensibly by means of experimentation.
A compressor draws in ambient air. The air flows through the water bath of a humidifier and thereafter has a relative humidity of 100%. Before the air flows from below into the adsorption column, its relative humidity and temperature are set using a heater. The humid air flows through the adsorbent (silica gel), which is placed as a fixed bed inside a transparent column. The quantity of humidity contained in the air is adsorbed in the process. The adsorbent contains an indicator. The colour of this indicator shows the position of the mass transfer zone (MTZ). The air dried in this way exits the column and flows out into the open.

Technical Specifications

1. Continuous adsorptive air drying
2. 2 columns for alternating charging and regeneration of the adsorbent
3. Observation of mass transfer zone by using transparent columns and adsorbent with indicator

4. 2 compressors to deliver the feed air and regenerative air out of the ambient atmosphere
5. Humidification of the feed air by flowing through a water bath
6. Circular system with pump and refrigeration system to adjust the water bath temperature
7. Adjustment of relative humidity and temperature of feed air by heater
8. Heater for temperature adjustment of the regenerative air
9. Adjustment of regenerative air and feed air flow rates by valves
10. Optional software with control functions and data acquisition via USB under Windows

Technical Specifications
2 columns
– diameter: approx. 80mm
– height: approx. 800mm
2 compressors
– max. positive pressure: 1bar
– max. flow rate: 8m3/h
Humidifier pump
– max. flow rate: 600L/h
– max. head: 1,5m
Refrigeration system
– refrigerating capacity: 395W at temperature difference 10K / 250L 2 electric air heaters
– power output (feed air): 160W
– power output (regeneration): 2x 250W
Measuring ranges
– flow rate: 2x 0…10Nm3/h
– air temperature: 3x 0…50°C; 1x 0…200°C, 1x -25…125°C
– air humidity: 4x 0…100% rel.

– water temperature: 1x 0…50°C