AC Position Servo System Demonstrator Model PCT 001

Sci-tech AC position Servo System Demonstrator Model PCT 001 is a self-contained stand – alone demonstrator, useful in the study & demonstration of the principle & working of a AC Position Servo System. It consists of a potentiometer with calibrated dial as master or input transducer & a rebalance potentiometer to converts output position into a voltage signal along with specially designed two phase AC Servomotor with suitable coupling, feedback path, summing amplifier, power amplifier.

Item Description

Various controls for different parameters are provided. It is a highly accurate, highly sensitive demonstrator with good repeatability, Linearity & fast response. The unit is housed in an elegant cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed multicoloured layout on the front panel. Multi – coloured test points are provided at various stages to observe waveforms & voltages. It is strongly supported by a comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory & operating details.

Technical Specifications

Principle : AC Position Servo System
Displacement : Angular (00 to 2700)
Input Transducer : Command or master potentiometer with calibrated dial (00 to 2700)
Motor : Specially designed two phase AC Servo motor
Coupling : Suitable coupling of motor to output rebalance potentiometer into voltage signal
Instrumentation : Summing amplifier of adjustable gain & power amplifier for driving AC motor on basis of error signal
Amplifier Gain : Controlled by the voltage signal derived by the conversion of the output position of the rebalance potentiometer into voltage signal
Output : Slave dial coupled to the AC servo mechanism & mounted with calibrated dial ( 00 to 2700 ).
Controls : 1. Master or Command Potentiometer
2. Zero adjust Control to adjust the minimum (Lower limit of angular displacement)
3. Span adjust Control to adjust the maximum (Upper Limit) of angular displacement
4. Gain adjust Control
5. AC Servomotor ON / OFF control
6. Mains ON / OFF
Indicators : 1. Digital Deviation (Error) Meter in Degrees
2. AC Servo Motor ON / OFF
3. Mains ON / OFF
Front Facia : A well spread intelligently designed multi-colored layout on the front panel housed in an elegant ergonomically designed cabinet

Test Points : Provided at various stages in the circuit to observe
waveforms & voltages
Power Requirements : 230V + 10% AC, 50Hz 1Ф
Standard Accessories : Detailed Instruction Manual