80586 Micro-Processor Trainer Model MICRO-586 (Uses Pentium 80586)

Sci-tech 80586 Micro-Processor Trainer Model MICRO-586 Courseware consists of 32 Bit 586 processor based board, Win 9X, ME, 2000, XP and Vista compatible software, student workbook and Instructor workbook. The software includes Integrated Development system with built in C compiler. The Sci-tech MICRO-586 board integrates 586 CPU and a high performance ANSI/IEEE 754 compliant 64-bit hardware floating point unit (FPU). The FPU provides arithmetic instructions to handle numeric data and transcendental functions for sine, tangent, logarithms, etc, making this controller useful for intensive computational applications. It is estimated to be 10-50 times faster than software-emulate on an 8/16-bit controller without a FPU.

Item Description

Sci-tech MICRO-586 Tutor Board supports up to 15 external interrupts. There are a total of seven timers,
including one programmable interval timer (PIT) that provides three 16-bit PIT timers and three 16-bit GP timers, plus a software timer. These timers can support timing or counting external events. The software timer provides a very efficient hardware time base with microsecond resolution. A real-time clock (RTC) provides time-of-day, 100-year calendar and 114 bytes of battery backed RAM. Two industrial-standard 16550-compatible UARTs support baud rates up to 1.152 M baud. One synchronous serial interface (SSI) supports full-duplex bi-directional communication. Sci-tech MICRO-586 Tutor Board boots from on-board 256K 16-bit ACTF Flash, and supports up to 256K 16-bit battery-backed SRAM.
There are 32 programmable multifunctional I/O lines (PIO) that can be used as general I/O or other functions. Two supervisor chips monitor 5V and 3.3V and provide power failure detection, watchdog and system reset. The 2.5V is used for the CPU CORE and 3.3V for the I/O operation. Signal lines on headers are 3.3V output, and 5V maximum input.

Technical Specifications

Analog to Digital Converter
(TLC2543 from Texas Instrument)
• 12-Bit-Resolution A/D Converter
• 10-us Conversion Time Over Operating
• 11 Analog Input Channels
• 3 Built-In Self-Test Modes
• Inherent Sample-and-Hold Function
• Linearity Error . . . ±1 LSB Max
• On-Chip System Clock
• End-of-Conversion Output
• Unipolar or Bipolar Output Operation
(Signed Binary With Respect to 1/2
the Applied Voltage Reference)
• Programmable MSB or LSB First
• Programmable Power Down
• Programmable Output Data Length
• 20KHZ Sample Rate

Digital to Analog Converter (LTC1446 from Linear Technology)
• Dual DACs with 12-Bit Resolution
• Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifiers
• Internal Reference
• Maximum DNL Error: 0.5LSB
• Settling Time: 14μs to ±0.5LSB
• Power-on Reset Clears DACs to 0V
• 3-Wire Cascadable Serial Interface with 500kHz Update Rate
• Schmitt Trigger On Input Allows Direct Optocoupler Interface